Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Relief

We want to be ready and willing to respond to the needs of our city, state, country, and world. When disaster strikes, we have the opportunity to help. This is exactly what we have done for the people of Oklahoma who were affected by the deadly tornado on May 20. In the midst of incalculable damage, the greatest need was money for food, shelter, and medical supplies for thousands of people. You responded by giving $108,157.91 to our Tornado Relief Fund.
Thank you!

The funds you have generously donated will go to Life Church in Oklahoma City. You can read about their remarkable response of care, compassion, time, and money on their website. Every penny will help them and the organizations they partner with continue these efforts for the days and weeks to come.

We believe that by supporting local churches, we maximize the impact of our generosity. Not only will our funds provide relief to those who have lost so much, but we will also enable local churches to demonstrate the love of God to their neighbors, to continue to build relationships with their communities, and to further their missions.